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Writing Barriers, Strategies, and UDL: Not just for K12

Barriers to communicating in writing, or written expression, are not isolated to students at the elementary and secondary levels. The same barriers experienced by K12 students may continue into higher education, and even employment settings. This session will explore (a) common barriers to written expression, (b) strategies to identify barriers, (c) practical writing strategies to barriers and UDL alignment, and (d) evaluating outcomes. Potential strategies will include both those that integrate technology (e.g., dictation, online tools, Google Suite features, videos) and those that may not (e.g., scaffolding, graphic organizers, goal setting and tracking, motivation and interest supports). This session will draw on a variety of prior and ongoing research studies exploring written expression needs in students across levels of education and writing needs. While this session will focus specifically on higher education students’ writing in an online or face-to-face course, content is also applicable to K12 students. 

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