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Understood: shaping the world for difference™

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Our mission

One in five Americans have learning and thinking differences, such as ADHD and dyslexia. These are lifelong challenges that impact skills like reading, writing, math, and focus. They are often misunderstood, undiagnosed, and their difference is viewed as a weakness.

Understood is a non-profit focused on empowering people who learn and think differently, and those who support them, by offering customized, accessible resources and a compassionate community.

We work with educators, health care professionals, researchers, and human resource professionals to provide proven, vetted information. Every year, Understood helps more than 24 million individuals discover their potential and stay on a positive path through each stage of life’s journey.

Our goal

By providing resources, support, and community, we can prevent people from being left behind and start to address systemic issues like high school dropout rates, underemployment, and the stigma surrounding disabilities. Our hope is that with the right tools and support, people who learn and think differently will have a greater ability and opportunity to thrive.

By shaping our economy, our classrooms, and our communities for difference, all of our lives are strengthened.

Our latest tool

Distance learning has been a challenge for many educators, families, and students, including the millions of students who learn and think differently. 

Students who struggle academically or who typically receive individual  support in school are more likely to fall behind during distance learning.

Research shows that students who also come from other underserved communities, including students of color and emergent bilinguals, have been particularly affected.

This toolkit—created in partnership with the National Center for Learning Disabilities—is intended to help classroom teachers meet the needs of all students at this critical moment.

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