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UDL Implementation Stories Survey

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Video Transcript


The purpose of this survey is to gather stories from the field regarding classroom, school, district, and/or campus wide UDL implementation. CAST and the UDL-IRN will use these stories to:

  • better understand the various pathways educator’s take as they work to integrate UDL into school practices.
  • create additional resources to support UDL implementation via the UDL School Implementation and Certification Criteria
  • invite UDL implementation stakeholders to share more about their implementation successes, barriers and needs.


What are we trying to better understand?

  1. the factors that influence successful schoolwide UDL implementation.
  2. the various pathways to success for schoolwide implementation
  3. the barriers to schoolwide UDL implementation and strategies to overcome them.

Who should participate?

  1. Anyone involved in school wide or campus/department wide implementation including administrators, faculty, staff, coaches, consultants etc.

How will the information from the survey be used?

  1. The staff at CAST and the UDL-IRN will use this information to build aggregate models of schoolwide implementation to share with the UDL community. These models will help inform the ongoing development of resources to support the use of the UDL-SICC.
  2. If requested, the school’s identifying information will remain confidential.


Complete the Survey