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Transform the Learner Experience: Creating Conditions for Agency and Self-advocacy Using the UDL Lens

Wednesday, March 30th, 1:00pm ET

Research tells us that “Identity is at the core of adolescent social and emotional learning.” Knowing one’s identity includes How I Learn using the UDL Lens. With this understanding, each learner is empowered to know their variability so they can develop a plan to gain skills to support their challenges and enhance their strengths. In this interactive session, participants will develop their Learner Profile and then create one of a learner they know to discuss how they can empower their learners to remove barriers to learning with tools, skills and practices to become agents and self-advocates of their own learning.

Participants will know, care and understand…

  1. The importance for learners to develop and discuss their own identity by creating a Learner Profile that includes 3 elements: Who I Am, How I Learn Using the UDL Lens and What I Aspire to Be.
  2. How to empower learners to first have a dialogue about their strengths, challenges, preferences and needs in the what, why and how of their learning and then have them discuss and decide on the skills they want to learn to enhance their learning strengths and support their challenges so that agency and self-advocacy is part of their daily practice.
  3. About the foundational tools, apps and resources that are available to empower their learners on a daily basis to have independent access to the curriculum and materials, to engage and take action with the content, to think deeper about their learning and to have choices in the way they express what they know and understand.

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