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Tinashe Blanchet

Headshot of Tinashe Blanchet


Tinashe Blanchet is a former high school math teacher (from Algebra to Calculus) with over 15 years of experience in education and teacher training. She currently travels around the United States to train hundreds of teachers on using technology to enhance their instruction each year. She is a Google Certified Educator, Google Certified Trainer, and a Google for Education Certified Innovator. Tinashe has built a strong reputation as a skilled communicator and tech-savvy educator and has presented at local, state, national, and international education conferences and events. With a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Tinashe has also taught pre-service and practicing educators at Tulane University and the University of New Orleans.

Session Information

EquatIO Mathspace: There’s More Than One Way to Solve a Math Problem (Asynchronous)