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Champions of Universal Design for Learning

Hello, we’re Texthelp

At Texthelp, we believe everyone deserves to understand and be understood. We create technology that helps build confidence at school with reading, writing and math.

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For schools and universities, our products work together to build an environment where everything is easier to understand. Students have simple toolbars for help with reading and writing. They include things like text-to-speech, predictive spelling or grammar, picture dictionaries, and much more. And there’s one specifically for math that helps with typing equations, remembering the symbols, and taking maths from pencil and paper to the computer. Our education tools are all designed to help students feel confident and motivated – to help set students up for the best possible start in life.

Everything we do draws on the best expertise about how people read and write, and how people’s brains work differently. All that expertise goes into the technology we develop. Our products have been designed with UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principles in mind, reflecting that everyone learns differently.

Whilst Universal Design for Learning does not rely on technology use, and UDL can be implemented in a low or no tech way, technology does make for a richer and more engaging learning experience.  Find out more about our work in the UDL space.

2022 International Summit Sessions

Our sessions this year include:

Connecting the Dots Between UDL, DEI & EdTech 
Joni Degner (Thursday, March 31st, 2:30-3:30pm ET)
Most school districts and universities are  prioritizing and strategizing around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. How does that work connect to Universal Design for Learning? How do we make sure that the work done in the boardroom reaches the classroom? Join Texthelp Territory Director Joni Degner for a look how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion intersects with Universal Design for Learning and how the right ed tech tools can support your diversity, equity and inclusion goals and improve expert learner outcomes for all.

EquatIO Mathspace: There’s More Than One Way to Solve a Math Problem
Tinashe Blanchet (Asynchronous)
Those of you familiar with EquatIO, know that there are lots of moving parts and pieces to our Math/STEM tool. Please consider joining us for our session, “There’s More Than One Way to Solve a Math Problem” where will take a deep dive in particular with EquatIO’s mathspace.  

You will learn firsthand from our EquatIO Professional Development Specialist, Tinashe Blanchet, on how to convert paper and pencil based assignments and activities into fun & engaging math activities.  Let’s remove the stigma that digital math is hard to create and engage students with highly interactive and thought provoking ‘spaces’ that provide opportunities for teachers to share assignments and have students turn them in digitally.

Leveraging EdTech to Provide Options & Scaffolding for Your Learners
Joni Degner (Asynchronous)
At Texthelp we believe every learner has the right to understand and be understood. When literacy is a barrier for learners, it affects them in every environment, and it can keep them from reaching their full potential. Read&Write and OrbitNote are universally designed literacy tools that remove barriers to literacy and learning while increasing reading fluency and comprehension. Join Texthelp Territory Director and UDL Specialist Joni Degner for a full look at Read&Write and OrbitNote. This session will explore how these tools can support learners in everyday tasks like reading, writing, research, and organization. Support in learning tasks is just the beginning. Read&Write and OrbitNote are universally designed tools that provide options, scaffolding and support for executive function in every environment so that learners develop into expert learners–learners who are motivated, strategic, goal-directed and resourceful.

Vendor Products

Read&Write logo

Read&Write – Used daily by millions of students worldwide, Read&Write is our award-winning literacy toolbar that helps reach every learner and realise their full potential. We’ve designed it with the principles of UDL in mind and you can check out how our tools align with CAST’s guidelines in this handy matrix: Multiple means of Read&Write

EquatIO logo: make math digital

EquatIO – allows educators to easily create math & science instructional materials to enable students to learn and collaborate together, especially in a remote setting, whilst supporting a wide range of learning styles and means of expression. Built with UDL in mind, this guide shows you how EquatIO aligns to the UDL guidelines: Multiple means of EquatIO

Both Read&Write and EquatIO are free for teachers, sign up today!

Identifying barriers in the ELA classroom

The UDL framework provides teachers with a proactive way to design solutions to these barriers through both choice and scaffolding. Download our practical classroom example of the thinking and design process teachers must go through in order to universally design for their learners.

Download our guide

Identifying barriers in the math class

The math classroom can be a daunting place for any student. With the UDL framework, you can find proactive ways to design your instruction to overcome barriers your students may be faced with. Download this practical guide to understand how.

Download our guide