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Survey Says!: Setting the Benchmark for Strategic Action on UDL at Centennial College 

Incorporating UDL at an institutional level requires a cultural shift, which does not happen overnight or by a single individual. It requires strong collaboration between faculty, academic leadership, and all other student/faculty support areas fuelled by genuine care for student success and a love of teaching. It’s an iterative and at times slow process. In this interactive presentation, we will share our journey so far in embracing UDL at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We will also share concrete tools and strategies we have developed to support academic leaders to lead their teams to embrace UDL strategies as a best practice for transformative teaching. 

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous April 1, 2022

    Great session! So many ideas to take away. Love the idea of a UDL podcast. How is it received by students and staff?

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