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Special Interest Groups

The UDL-IRN is proud to support and host several focused Special Interest Groups (SIGs) based on a variety of UDL topics. For this year’s Summit, we asked our SIGs to sponsor a few sessions that represent the work they are doing in the field of UDL. Learn more about each of these SIGs, interact with their sponsored sessions, and be sure to sign up to participate if you’re interested!

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UDLHE Network

Our largest SIG to date focuses on UDL in higher education with participants from across the globe. The Higher Education SIG’s main goal is to develop a network within higher education in order to facilitate sharing of practical strategies, information, and professional development materials. Topics explored within this SIG include misconceptions of UDL, curriculum development, procurement, technology selections, and more.

UDL Implementation

As one of our first established SIGs, this group has several years experience on gathering best practices for UDL implementation. The collective work that is conducted by this SIG will inform future UDL implementers of the successful and unsuccessful means of providing an education based in the UDL framework. This work will include the consideration of differences in learner variability across different regions with an emphasis on culture, language and other factors.

UDL & Antiracism

We are a community of educators who are committed to engaging, sustaining and deepening conversations about Universal Design for Learning, anti-racism, and intersectionality.  Anti-racist practices are not limited by geographical borders. We anticipate that this SIG will bring together practitioners from many areas.  This is both a local and global conversation; we have representatives from multiple continents. Each member of this SIG is charged to recognize ways to share this learning with the UDL community and engage additional UDL practitioners and reflect on how to improve UDL practices within an antiracist lens.

UDL Assessment & Measurement

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) was created to support the development of educational standards, instruction, materials, and assessments. However, UDL research on and application to summative and formative assessment has remained limited. We believe that an international forum of multiple stakeholders—including educators—can collectively define effective implementation and research opportunities to establish the role of UDL in improving assessment and measurement.