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Putting the “U” in UDL! Integrating a Critical Lens into the Implementation of Universal Design for Learning

UDL is intended as a framework for educators to ensure all students regardless of ability, cultural background, and race are instructed and supported to thrive in their learning environment. “Why,” “What” and “How” students learn is at the heart of UDL, they are also key questions for considering how ableism and racism are upheld and perpetuated in our educational system. DisCrit is a critical theory that explores the intersection of ableism and racism (Annamma et al., 2013). In this presentation we will explore how educators can put the “U” in UDL by applying a critical lens when utilizing the UDL framework to plan and implement UDL-based instruction and support within their learning environments.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 30, 2022

    Thanks for challenging me to make these connections to DisCrit and indeed the “U” and “all” parts of UDL. As an EdD student, I appreciate your reflection and connections to the literature. I appreciate the tool in thinking through practices within my current context & classroom.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous March 31, 2022

      Thanks for your feedback! We’re glad to hear this is helpful for you! We’d love to hear if and how you use the tool in your practice.

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