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We’re Present Pal, and we’re passionate about helping presenters communicate and deliver public speaking with confidence.

About Us

Present Pal is a communication and presentation support software that acts as a set of interactive flashcards on your smartphone or tablet, integrating fully with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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Since launching the Present Pal app in 2018, we are now supporting over 7000 learners and presenters in Higher Education across the UK and North America. 

Curious about how Present Pal works? Check out the video below!

Did you know that 89% of learners experience presentation anxiety?

95% of courses have mandatory presentations, so the chances are that learners will have to present at some point throughout their education. Research has shown 89% of learners experience presentation anxiety, but presentations are still being used to demonstrate a learner’s knowledge and development of vital skills.

Present Pal is a tool that can be used by all learners to alleviate presentation induced anxiety, support working memory, and improve learners’ own confidence in presentations.

Present Pal works like a set of interactive flashcards:

  • Helping you summarise your presentation content into keywords and phrases
  • Keeping you on track during your presentation, so you never lose your train of thought
  • Allowing you to add extra information and images to your notes, in case you need some extra reassurance
  • Giving you the ability to control your slides with our Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint integrations
Three smart phone screens show screenshots of the app Present Pal.

Present Pal in action! Doubling Presentation Confidence with Present Pal

The University of Tennesee Knoxville communications course, led by Lorna Keathley, wanted to use Present Pal to increase their students’ public speaking confidence and improve their presentation preparation. 

UTK integrated Present Pal into their Fall 2021 Communication Studies curriculum, and their students used the app to prepare for their regular presentation assignments.
After only two presentations with Present Pal, the number of students confident with presentations doubled! How amazing is that – check out the full Case Study here.

Join our session on How to Improve Presentation Confidence

At 10 am ET, Friday 1 April, Ben Scott (MA Psychology, MBPsS) and Amer Latif from Present Pal are joining forces to discuss how to increase learners’ presentation confidence in both in-person and remote settings.

Support Your Learners with Present Pal

Book a one-to-one demonstration with Amer to see more of Present Pal in action, and to find out how can support your learners with the challenge of presentations.

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