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Perception is Everything in UDL – Reframing Perception to Shift Actions in UDL Teacher Preparation

This session disseminates a newly published dissertation on reframing UDL and inclusion in higher education among professors of teacher candidates that uses critical theory and framing theory to center voices of individuals with autism themselves in the conversation of inclusion and universal design. The conceptual model for UDL reframing is provided as well as a corresponding curricular model. Research highlights and findings are touched upon that bring the actionable, concrete parts of UDL to bear within this research and how they connect theory and practice. Considerations are also disclosed including that sometimes UDL within the research was only for certain groups at the expense of others and so there is an opportunity for greater awareness of UDL concrete practices among those in higher ed broadly and those who prepare teachers and the teachers themselves. Overall the message is a spirit of hope that with some easy and manageable additions to any current program in higher education the voices of individuals themselves can motivate meaningful change and improvement in UDL practices.

Video Session

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