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Neurodiversity in Online Learning: Enhancing Online Learning with UDL-based Instructional Strategies and Digital Tools

Digital tools such as Zoom and Google Meet have permitted neurodivergent students to not only build fluencies in expressive written skills but such tools have also reduced learning barriers, allowing students with disabilities, SWD, to be fully involved with course content, peers, and faculty members. Moreover, the use of digital tools in higher education has helped SWD demonstrate, express, and own their knowledge in an online educational environment where learning barriers are more pronounced than in the traditional, educational settings. This poster session presents current research associated with Multiple Means of Action and Expression in online, synchronous classes and addresses the integration of digital tools in educational assistance writing classes. With the main focus on instructional strategies and SWDs’ voices, this poster session will encompass readily available digital tools in an synchronous learning environments, particularly the ones used for ongoing, mastery-oriented feedback in writing classes.

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