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Marie-Élaine Desmarais

Headshot of Marie-Élaine Desmarais


As an Associate Professor at the University of Saint-Boniface, my research interests include universal design for learning (K-12 & Higher education), inclusive education, well-being in school, professional development for teachers, and denormalization. I am co-director of the GRIBEME (a francophone research group on well-being in educational contexts), a regular researcher at the LISIS (an international research group on inclusive education), a co-researcher at the REVERBERE (a francophone research group on well-being in francophone schools, and at the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education, as well as a collaborator at Inclusive Education Canada. 

Session Information

Implementing UDL in a Franco-Manitoban Elementary School: Promoting the Well-being of Teachers and Learners (Asynchronous)