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Mapping the Future: Teacher Preparation across the United States

The importance of teacher quality for student achievement is well-documented, as is the need for educators prepared to teach students with disabilities. Special education is consistently a critical shortage area across the United States. The USDOE requires Institutional Report Cards (IRC) from institutes of higher education (IHE) that conduct teacher preparation, including information on traditional and alternative routes to certification. However, no one database identifies IHEs with programs that lead to special education certification. In order to address this gap, the Center for Innovation, Design and Digital Learning (CIDDL) has compiled data from IHEs that lead to certification as well as leadership preparation. This data has been transformed into an interactive map of the IHEs across the United States. This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to interact with the map, discuss insights on the differences in teacher preparation across the nation, and consider new ideas and innovations. 

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