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Leveraging EdTech to Provide Options & Scaffolding for Your Learners

At Texthelp we believe every learner has the right to understand and be understood. When literacy is a barrier for learners, it affects them in every environment, and it can keep them from reaching their full potential. Read&Write and OrbitNote are universally designed literacy tools that remove barriers to literacy and learning while increasing reading fluency and comprehension. Join Texthelp Territory Director and UDL Specialist Joni Degner for a full look at Read&Write and OrbitNote. This session will explore how these tools can support learners in everyday tasks like reading, writing, research, and organization. Support in learning tasks is just the beginning. Read&Write and OrbitNote are universally designed tools that provide options, scaffolding and support for executive function in every environment so that learners develop into expert learners–learners who are motivated, strategic, goal-directed and resourceful.   

Session Objectives
Participants in this session will:

  • Explore Read&Write and OrbitNote tools from Texthelp
  • Identify ways these tools can provide options and scaffolding for all learners
  • Connect Read&Write + OrbitNote features to UDL principles and expert learner outcomes

Video Session

Session Resources:

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