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Igniting the Awareness of Assistive Technology

Thursday, March 31st, 1:15-2:15pm ET

The power of Assistive Technology (AT) is growing in terms of its possibilities and it has become ubiquitous and is embedded in devices and digital eco-systems. Are we at a point where AT is now for everyone and that we can all contribute to the growing awareness about AT for all. How can we all play a part in generating this AT awareness – can we model AT use e.g. like dictation in Google docs in front of a class so all can witness the possibilities of AT? To ignite AT awareness we in AHEAD, we create an online AT tool that simplest the search for AT. As widespread as AT has become, there is still a challenge by students to begin their AT journey so we addressed this with our new online AT tool that makes tailored AT suggestions to encourage meaningful matches to support successful AT experiences.

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