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Think of your classroom … how does it feel?

How do your students use the space? How does it affect your teaching style? These are all important questions to be asking since space is a major contributor to a classroom culture and learning efficacy.

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At Multistudio, we believe that learning should be equitable and cater to learner variabilities, both with the instruction as well as the space they’re learning in. As such, we have aligned our education design work with the framework of Universal Design for Learning. Through our collaboration with UDL instructional experts from across the country, we have developed tools and design strategies to support educators, faculty, facilities personnel, administration, and students to rethink their spaces to better support engagement, action & expression, and representation. Join us for our sessions at the On-Demand UDL-IRN Summit to learn about space design ideas that align with the UDL framework to enhance your own classroom space. You don’t have to be an architect to think like one!


Image fo the cards in the Deck of Spaces
Image of the cards in the Deck of Spaces

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