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Day 2

Wednesday, April 13th

Welcome to Day 2 of the Summit On Demand. Today’s content will give you more opportunities to dive into UDL content.

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Time (ET)Session Title
9:00-9:20UDL + TED Experience: A Metaphor for Engaging K-12 and Higher Education Communities
Kelly Dreyer, Julie Nelson Meers
9:20-9:40UDL to Boost First Generation Student Retention and Success
Michael Ralph, Dolores Greenawalt
10:00-11:00When Unknown Becomes Known: Progressions in UDL Applications Among Teacher Candidates
Natsuko Takemae, Joan Nicoll-Senft

Exploring Coaching as a Means to Assist the Implementation of UDL
Stephanie Craig, Sean Smith

UDL Rising to Equity: Mobilizing the Guidelines to Bust Biases and Barriers to Learning
Nicole Tucker-Smith, Jenna Gravel

Reducing Barriers to STEM Education in Algeria – UDL and Online Learning
Leah Bitat, Yacine Hakmi, Achraf Meguellati, Ismail Alem, Hiba Mobarki, Isra Chaharazad Ghomri, Yousri Kenoua 

UDL & An Accessible Driven Life
Thomas O Shaughnessy
11:30-12:00Implementation SIG Networking Discussion
Cherie Smith, Elizabeth Stark

UDLHE Networking Discussion
Eric Moore, Jennifer Pusateri
1:00-2:00The Importance of Flexible Design- How COVID-19 Exposed Design Issues
Aleksandra Hollingshead, Kalley Malone

The UDL Certificate Pilot
Ravinder Brar, Jessica Paterson

Space as a Catalyst for Campus-Wide UDL Implementation; Using the UDL Higher Ed Deck of Spaces™
David Reid, James Basham, Michael Ralph

Dismantling Barriers: Educator Shifts from Non Racist to Antiracist
Robin Williams, Jennifer Borrelli

UDL Partners: A K-12 Higher Education Implementation Partnership
Mary Murphy Budzilowicz, Ron Whitaker, Amber Gentile, Jesse Gluckman
2:30-3:00Multi-Gen STEM Makerspaces in Affordable Housing: Co-Designing a Model with the Community
Kim Ducharme, Sam Johnston, Kevin Lewis
3:15-4:15A Grand Experiment: Outdoor Learning in the Time of COVID
Anna Harrison, Heather MacDougall Molloy, Prakash Nair, Helene Harte, Claire Latane

Taking Actions!: UDL Reflective Cycle through Autobiographical Memory Study
Natsuko Takemae, Megan Mackey, John Foshay

The Power of Read&Write: Supporting Every Learner in Every Environment
Joni Degner

Teach 21st Century Skills Online with Corgi: Live Demonstration
Cara Wojcik, Bryan Dean

Code Jumper: Inclusive Coding
Robin Lowell
4:30-5:00Summit Closing

Thank you for joining us! You will have continued access to this content through September 2021. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at