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David Reid


David is a co-creator of The UDL Deck of Spaces™, a co-founder of STEAM-Studio, and national David is a co-founder of STEAM-Studio and Education Practice Leader for Gould Evans. His team has a deep focus on the science of learning, driven by collaborative research with educators, anthropologists, psychologists, and others. For each of the last five years, his education design work has been recognized nationally for innovation. In 2017, David co-authored the book: Unleashing Creative Genius: STEAM Studio’s Impact on Learning.

Session Information

Support Diversity, Promote Equity, and Ensure Inclusion Through Space Design (Pre-Conference Session)

Creating an Embodiment of Equity & Inclusion in School Design: Using Universal Design for Learning as a Foundational Space Design Strategy (Thursday, March 31st, 1:15-2:15pm ET)