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Creative Collaborations: Embedding UDL Principles into a Collaborative Online International Learning Project 

This interactive poster will share the experience and insights gained by faculty members who have designed and delivered a UDL-inspired collaborative online international learning (COIL) project, Operation Brent. The Operation Brent (COIL) Project initiated in February 2021 focused on designing a curriculum opportunity for students based in Georgian College, Ontario and students based in the Institute of Technology, Sligo to interact and engage with each other.  

The Operation Brent (COIL) Project centred on building 21st Century employability skills such as resiliency, global competence, and intercultural learning, to better prepare students for workplace interactions in a global business world. The Faculty team worked together to embed UDL principles into each of the defined stages of the project, which included:

  • Defining student learning goals
  • Determining the length of the interaction
  • Designing comparative and collaborative activities
  • Selecting methodology and technology tools for collaboration
  • Monitoring student work and learning

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