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Category: Poster Session

Putting the “U” in UDL! Integrating a Critical Lens into the Implementation of Universal Design for Learning

UDL is intended as a framework for educators to ensure all students regardless of ability, cultural background, and race are instructed and supported to thrive…


Root Canal or Grassroots Effort: Reflections on Authentic UDL Implementation & Scaling from Classroom to School District

This action research project explores one central Florida school district’s current placement in UDL implementation as perceived by administrators, district administrators, educators, and existing data.…

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Neurodiversity in Online Learning: Enhancing Online Learning with UDL-based Instructional Strategies and Digital Tools

Digital tools such as Zoom and Google Meet have permitted neurodivergent students to not only build fluencies in expressive written skills but such tools have…

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Perception is Everything in UDL – Reframing Perception to Shift Actions in UDL Teacher Preparation

This session disseminates a newly published dissertation on reframing UDL and inclusion in higher education among professors of teacher candidates that uses critical theory and…

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Creative Collaborations: Embedding UDL Principles into a Collaborative Online International Learning Project 

This interactive poster will share the experience and insights gained by faculty members who have designed and delivered a UDL-inspired collaborative online international learning (COIL)…

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