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Blue Engine

About Blue Engine

Blue Engine is an education nonprofit that works to correct a system that is not fully leveraging teaching talent. We optimize how educators work together to create engaging, individualized learning experiences for students marginalized by racism and bias. We call this team teaching—the approach of having multiple teachers work together in service of a shared outcome for students.

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Our Expertise

We are not an intervention. Instead we amplify the great things already happening in communities by intentionally and thoughtfully designing partnerships with teachers, schools, districts, and education organizations within the system to ensure that educators can effectively collaborate and individualize instruction for every learner—regardless of race, income level, or learning style. 

Our expertise and approach to team teaching articulates mindsets and practices that enable teams to deeply understand and meet the diverse learning needs of all students. Students receive the support required to engage with rigorous, grade-level content and to develop agency in their learning process. Our partner teachers report shifts in mindsets, more effective collaboration and improved practices, and in turn, students experience learning environments that enable them to thrive


In an Education Post Op-ed, our CEO, Anne Eidelman, discusses how we partner with schools to create classrooms where every child receives individual support to reach their potential, and how this is paramount given the fallout of covid-19 which has only exacerbated  existing inequities for BIPOC students. (See our article in Education Post).


In partnership with SPED Strategies, another organization on a mission to improve outcomes for students who think and learn differently, we’ve released  the 1st in a 3-part series of resources to help school systems take key actions to address the needs of students with disabilities as part of continued school reopening. (See our resource on tutoring).


Vendor Products

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Partner with us:

We partner at the classroom, school and district level by providing support in four key ways:

  1. Conditions and structures for effective team teaching. We help partners articulate a clear vision for how team teaching should be optimized to individualize instruction for their students and unique context. We support partners to ensure district- and school-level conditions and structures are in place to further the work.
  2. Resources. We develop and/or adapt the existing resources that are needed to execute the partner’s vision. Additionally, we provide access to our online Playbook and Learning Modules for supporting teachers and instructional leaders.
  3. Capacity Building. We grow the skills and capabilities of instructional leaders to coach and develop teachers for effective team teaching.
  4. Teacher Development. We provide job-embedded professional learning for teachers, including coaching and communities of practice.

Sample Products and Services 

We provide school and district level coaching, professional development training, and other consulting services that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Online Team Teaching Playbook
Grounded in research, The Team Teaching Playbook hosts resources, best practices and guidance for classrooms utilizing a team of teachers.

Online Learning Modules
By accessing our learning modules, teachers can build skill independently in creating classroom conditions that meet the individual needs of all students.

Team Effectiveness Toolkit
The toolkit contains detailed guidance and examples for establishing the systems and norms necessary to work together effectively as a team and set a strong foundation for the school year. Tools include individual reflection templates and team meeting agendas for establishing correspondence norms, task delegation, and productive ways to manage conflicts within the team.