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Anne Marie Ristow

Headshot of Anne Marie Ristow


For over twenty-five years, Dr. Anne Marie Ristow has been a noteworthy leader in advocating for Dr. Anne Marie Ristow is a noteworthy leader and advocate for diversity and inclusion. While serving educators at the University of South Florida, USA, her international research and development interests specialize in universal design for learning in higher education (UDLHE). Dr. Ristow is a UDLHE network member and honored as a lead chair, a Fulbright Teaching & Leading Scholar for her contributions to universal education, she holds a PhD in Education, postdoctoral studies in Leadership. Currently, she is coordinating research on mindset shifts in equity and inclusion and moving people from poverty to purpose in sustainable education work in Africa.

Session Information

UDL Implementation Policies in Higher Education – How Does Our Negligence Affect Our Students? (Friday, April 1st, 1:00-2:00pm ET)

Building Equity and Inclusion through UDL: Higher Education Research (Asynchronous)