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Amra Pepic-Koubati

Headshot of Amra Pepic-Koubati


Given my work experience of 11 years in the disability area, I believe that my instructional practices and pedagogical theories embrace student-centered approach, UDL framework, inclusiveness, cultural capital, and diversity. As an Instructional Associate who teaches Educational Assistance writing classes at Orange Coast College, I have provided academic support to students of different backgrounds, particularly students with disabilities who have taken/are taking remedial and transferable English courses, ensuring equal access to institutional support and educational opportunities. My instructional style primarily embraces UDL framework paired with innovative technology as it allows me to more effectively meet my students’ individual needs. Given that I am a life-long learner, I perceive my teaching approach from the andragogy lens for it encourages and supports the students I have served throughout the learning, ongoing process. Differentiation and UDL framework have allowed me to more appropriately accommodate non-traditional students’ learning styles and, most importantly, engage them in classroom’s content, intellectual conversations, and inquiry-based approaches.

Session Information

Neurodiversity in Online Learning: Enhancing Online Learning with UDL-based Instructional Strategies and Digital Tools (Poster Session)